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Cigar Portfolio

All Cigars are Blended and Crafted by Pat Potter

Pat Potter has been in the cigar manufacturing business since 2015. Formerly of TABAC Trading Co. Pat has curated all the designs and the blends to his unique brand of premium and ultra premium, limited edition cigar portfolio. Below are the brands that he's blended and crafted.

His Story

I started this journey when I was 14. I smoked an Onyx Black robusto. Loved it. I grew up in the shadow of a few very successful men, my grand father being one of them. He was an academic, a military man and grew to become a savvy business man. He made mistakes, he was always ready to tell you how he screwed up. But the adage, one step back and four forward couldn't be truer for my grand father. I learned a lot from him. At an arms distance, we shared the love of the leaf. He was a pipe smoker, and I cigars. We never got the opportunity to share it together but the sentiment was there.

In late 2014, a good friend of mine produced his own cigar. I couldn't believe how easy he made it look. I was awe inspired by him, and tell ya truth I looked up to him, and still do today. He's my bro. So he produced this line of boxed pressed powder kegs and opened his shop in Harrison, NY. For me it lit a fuse that would eventually explode a year or so later.

In 2015- after being in Nicaragua for a few months, I started rolling- not very good, but I tried. The more you roll, the better you get. I started to blending. To understand the complexity of each leaf, I spent a great deal of time learning about the various tobaccos and countries that grow them. By end of 2015, I had produced a couple dozen prototype cigars, some of which I repackaged and released in 2016.

In 2016- I decided to nationally release Double Claro Habano, as a single - sort of like the music business - they release a single, then the whole record. I felt, it if worked for that industry it could work here. It's name though, Muestra de TABAC Double Claro Habano Double Figurado is a bit long, so I shortened it to MDT-DCH for my FDA registration. What this was, was the most cutting edge, most obscure creation in my portfolio. I felt like I needed to stand out in an industry of common sizes.

2016 - I'm on fire. It's pouring out of me. I'm like "what if we...." so to say the least if the FDA allows me to continue to invent I've got some really creative concepts for down the road.

2017 - I was introduced to Guillermo Pena owner of La Perla Tabacalera (now Las Villas Cigars S.A.) in Esteli, Nicaragua. A Cuban American, who was born in a town of the best cigar rollers Las Villas in Santa Clara region of Cuba.. It was a generational hand me down. Gui worked for Don Pepin for a short few years, to eventually opened his own factory. It's there where I developed a relationship and began producing. A good friend, and seasoned cigar maker told me that the one thing I should never do, "is leave anything to chance. Once a box has been printed it can't be reprinted. You need to be sure that every step of the manufacturing process is exactly the way you want it." Which is why I visit the factory between three and five times per year. Leave nothing to email.

2017 - was a odd year. I was finally producing on a national level, with only 20 accounts. I was selling. I had to think about the other side of the business. So I set out on what is now called the Southwest Cigar Road Show. Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. I was able to open key accounts in those markets. I then did the New York tri-state area opening about 10+ accounts. 2017 turned out to be a good year for opening accounts, nearly 40 by year end. I was back and forth to Nicaragua all year working on 2018 releases, and in 2019 releases for 2020.

2023 - After spending the last 8 years learning, making mistakes, and such, I have come to the realization that my hope of having national, even global recognition is finally beginning to materialize. When I say I am a boutique, I mean it. I am 1 guy running this company. I don't have salesmen, reps or anyone being paid to open accounts, I get help from lots of friends. But my fans, those that love what I make are the ones mostly responsibile for helping my brand go. Without sales I would have been over before I got started. So thank you, to my loyal enthusiasts because without you I would only be a spectator. I have some fun stuff in 2024 and 2025. The transition into Potters Mercantile is the biggest thing to happen to this company. I will finally be merging my love for cowboy with my cigars and apparely and accessories.

My Portfolio 2024

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